Company staff LOGISTICS SK  enthusiastic, willing to answer questions related to the import and export procedures and support licensing customers with competitive prices and quick time.

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Our strengths include:
– Testing service, applying for certification of conformity for telecommunication products.

Service of applying for import license of the Ministry of Information and Communication.

– Service of applying for import permits of the Chemical Department.

– Service of applying for import license of the Ministry of Industry and Trade.

– Service of applying for import license of the Ministry of Health.

Service of announcing cosmetics, functional foods, supplementary foods.

– State quality registration service.

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Some types of goods require import permits:

– Ministry of Industry and Trade:

  • Line gun, goods under automatic import licensing regime (fertilizer, steel, ..).
  • Goods subject to tariff quotas (salt, raw tobacco, poultry eggs, refined sugar, raw sugar, …)
  • Chemicals, explosives precursors, industrial explosives, ..

– The transportation:

  • Flares of all kinds for maritime safety.

– The Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development:

  • Veterinary drugs and veterinary drug materials registered for the first time imported into Vietnam.
  • Biological and microbiological preparations and chemicals used in veterinary medicine, registered for the first time for import into Vietnam.
  • Plant protection products.
  • Livestock breeds (insects, sperms, embryos, …)
  • Plant varieties, living organisms.
  • Animal feed and raw materials for animal feed production.
  • Fertilizer.
  • Source of plants and animals, micro-organisms.
  • Aquatic breeds, live aquatic species.

– The Ministry of Natural Resources and Environment:

  • Scrap

– Ministry of Information and Communication:

  • Publications, postage stamps.
  • Transceivers with frequency band 9KHz-400GHz with capacity of 60mW or more.
  • Master-making system and specialized letter cap for printing, printing machine (offset printing, flexo, gravure, …) and color copier.

– The Ministry of Health:

  • Addictive drugs, psychotropic drugs,
  • The drug has ingredients for preventing and treating human diseases.
  • Raw materials for drug production, pharmaceutical materials, excipients, capsules, packaging in direct contact with drugs.
  • Cosmetics, vaccines, medical equipment, chemicals, insecticides, germicides, …

And a number of other ministries.

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