Transporting goods by air is the fastest compared to other modes of transportation, the goods are also the safest, but the cost is the highest. Therefore, this shipping method is often suitable for high-value goods, sensitive goods, or urgent goods.

At present, LOGISTICS SK  we transport goods by air throughout Vietnam with the following types of goods:

► dry cargo transportation, apparel
► Transportation of garments, fashion, cosmetics, pharmaceuticals
►Van shipping
►Van electronic cargo: laptop, macbook, smartphones
► Transport of high value
► Carriage fresh
► Transporting frozen seafood
►Transporting dangerous goods
► Transporting live animals
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We have staff with qualified and experienced transportation transfer goods by air from packaging instructions, provide necessary documents to check with the Airline, ensure fast and safe delivery of goods.
Please provide detailed information for us to process your goods faster.

The main types of air freight are:

General Cargo

This is considered to be a commodity whose properties do not matter the packaging, content, and size, textiles, cameras, shoes, etc.
Special freight
This is the type of cargo that requires special handling during storage and transport related to the attribute or value of the goods.

transporting cats and dogs
The following categories are included:
1. Live animals
2. High value goods
3. Diplomatic Goods
4. Skeletons
5. Perishable
goods 6. Dangerous goods
7. Wet goods
8. Strong odor
9. Heavy cargo
Short description of the following categories:
Live animals: Avi code
AvB = live bird
AVF = live tropical fish
Avx = live chickens
The transport of live animals requires special care and will there are certain conditions and limitations regarding the ability to receive, pack, etc.
Practically all animals transported in a cargo plane, unless they are very large or very heavy require permission. Generally, if they do not cause odors, they will be transported in cargo or passenger aircraft.
The acceptance conditions and packaging specifications for practically all animals are listed in the cargo handling instructions.
An example of this commodity: elephants, allowed on cargo planes only and B747s. Age limit: 12 months old, weight limit 400 kg / package in a hard box or carton that must meet a large number of specifications listed separately.

High value goods: VAL code

These are shipments with a value of 100,000 per kg or more, as well as precious metals, bank notes etc. such goods are stored in safe conditions, overseen by airport security services . This service also takes care of transportation to and from aircraft and security vehicles.

Diplomatic goods: Code: DIP

These are mainly very important shipments between ministers, consular offices and embassies. Storage can be done in a special warehouse section.

Remains: Code: HUM

The remains are shipped with strict packaging and procedural requirements. Furthermore, the requirements may vary depending on the destination country

Perishable goods: Code: PER

This cargo is particularly suitable for air transport, and space is often a priority. This applies to fresh meats, fruits, vegetables and the like including newspapers.

DHD seafood shipping by air

Transportation of dangerous goods

• Class 1: Explosives
• Class 2: Gas
• Class 3: Flammable liquids
• Class 4: Flammable solids
• Class 5: Oxidants
• Class 6: Toxic and contagious substances
• Class 7: Substances Radioactivity
• Class 8: Corrosive substances
• Class 9: Other substances
The goods may be hazardous (through fire, explosion, leakage, radiation) to:
– People in the aircraft
– The aircraft itself
– Other goods on board
So that goods can only be transported by air under certain conditions to ensure safety. Harmful agents can occur from:
– Flammable substances
– Explosive materials
– Acid corrosive, etc.
Carried in the belly of the plane; but it takes into account that in the first place transport really dangerous goods as airborne explosives refused bluntly. But the gun box (light weapon ammunition), gasoline, sulfuric acid, arsenic, etc. can most certainly be transported.
Air transport is done almost exclusively in full cargo aircraft, but in some cases in passenger and combined aircraft. For all aircraft types, a maximum weight per package, protective packaging and a special label are specified. All conditions and restrictions on the type of transport vessel, as well as a list of more than 3000 chemicals. listed in “dangerous goods regulations”

Wet goods: Code: WET

For example, transporting eels and meat
In the case of the eels, the plastic is placed on the pallet first and the fish is covered with wet blankets. With Meat, plastic is placed on a pallet.

transporting eels by plane

Heavy-smelling goods: Code: SMELL

Depends on the nature of the goods. For example, of the French sheese, garlic, garlic, oil or some other substance.

Large format goods: Code: BIG, HEA

When loading a “large object”, the ability to cling to another pallet should be considered. When loading a “heavy object”, one should deal with the restrictions of weight per unit area.

Small Note:

LOGISTICS SK Company advises customers to choose the method of air freight transportation for small shipments, goods that require immediate, safe and accurate delivery.
By choosing the right shipping method, you can also reduce costs and increase business benefits of your business.

How much is the domestic air freight rate?

Depending on the type of item as well as the quantity and volume of goods, the freight rate will be different. Moreover, the charges may be much higher or lower depending on the time. Therefore, to ensure the interests of customers, please contact LOGISTICS SK directly . Best regards !

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