fresh Coconut / Exported Fresh Coconut

Drinking coconut water is very healthy, especially green sapodilla coconut, so more and more people love it. The nutrients in coconut water help balance the health of the muscles, heart, nervous system and immune system as well as absorption and balance of fluids inside the body.
Currently our company is exporting 2 main types of coconuts: whole coconut and peeled coconuts. Strictly ensuring international food safety standards for consumers
  • Packing :  9 left / carton
  • Container weight : 700 cartons / 20’RF; 1,400 cartons / 40’RF
  • Color : Green, White
  • EXW price : 19,000 / left
** Modern production lines. Meet the most difficult customers. Currently our products are exported to Europe, Korea, Japan, Singapore, Dubai, USA, Canada, …

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