Packing service

Packing and baling services

Today’s delivery and transportation services are no longer too strange to everyone. Especially for individuals and businesses that regularly need to deliver and receive goods. However, in order to ensure absolute safety during transportation, you need  to pack the goods  carefully and thoroughly.

Benefits when using packaging services

Packaging is essential and should be focused on the process of transporting goods, especially long-distance shipping, international shipping. The benefits from packaging services bring:

  • Goods will be absolutely safe and intact when transported.
  • Compact, not cumbersome, minimizing the cases of breakage, cracking, chipping …
  • Can transport and relocate goods in large quantities.
  • Save time and shipping costs.
  • Helping customers can feel more secure with their goods.

The packing of goods sounds simple, but if it is not carefully packed, it is very easy to damage or damage the quality of the goods. Because, each type of goods will have different packaging and baling requirements. To ensure that during storage and transportation there is no damage, tear, breakage. Particularly for glass, ceramic, porcelain, electronic, chemical or Buddhist cultural items, special preservation is required.

Packing the goods

Professional and cheap goods packaging service

LOGISTICS SK  will bring to customers full package goods with a very preferential fee. Customers’ goods when coming to us will be packed in accordance with standards, according to the requirements of the size and weight. They are packed into customized packages before being shipped.

The packing into bales is divided into categories corresponding to the following products:

  •  Packed in many different sizes.
  •  Packing of goods with fragile properties
  •  Packaging of goods is industrial equipment and machinery
  • Packing should be kept cold
  •  Packaging chemicals, dangerous substances, inflammable and explosive …

Depending on each type of goods, LOGISTICS SK will measure and pack accordingly to help goods be preserved better. All costs used to pack goods such as tape, cartons will be provided by the company. In addition, LOGISTICS SK  also supports customers with transportation services at preferential rates through our nationwide agent network.

Why should you choose to pack at LOGISTICS SK ?

  • With many years of experience in the field of freight transportation, we know very well how to pack and transport to ensure the safest and most effective.
  • With a staff of highly-skilled, confident to bring customers the best service.

Packing the goods

  • Particularly for special items, difficult to pack such as Buddhist statues, chemicals, oversized goods, we are confident that we are the number 1 choice for safe and cheap packaging service.
  • LOGISTICS SK provides a comprehensive service from packaging, storage, shipping and door-to-door delivery. A closed, comprehensive, flexible and convenient service.

LOGISTICS SK packing process

  •  First, the staff will measure the size, quality, weight of the goods.
  •  Making plans, packing specifications for the goods.
  • After that, the company’s staff conducts a specific quote for the customer.
  •  Sign a packing contract if the customer agrees
  •  Carry out packing as required.

LOGISTICS SK is a transport service provider and we have seen the importance of packing is essential. Therefore, we want to bring a complete service from packaging to shipping. Through safe, cheap packaging, to serve customers when using LOGISTICS SK ‘s shipping service

To bring more peace of mind to customers, every service of LOGISTICS SK  is covered by cargo insurance. We are ready to advise anywhere, anytime how to pack and transport goods when customers need, including customers not using our services.

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