Customs consultancy and guidance on import and export customs clearance procedures are always a matter of concern for many businesses. Different practices will apply in each country. Therefore, customs advisory services play an extremely important role.

Customs consulting service SK LOGISTICS

Customs clearance for import and export goods is very complicated and each country will have its own regulations. Therefore, when documents are not fully prepared, appropriately and carefully, any error or deviation can cause delay, incurring many other costs involved. . Even severe cases can also be punished.
If you are a non-specialized, inexperienced person, do not know the customs procedures in that country, do not worry, sk Logistics will advise customers how to solve this problem by gu

SK Logistics will rely on business operations, products, features and other relevant information to advise you on customs. With our expertise and experience, we will definitely help customers clear goods quickly and effectively.
The company has a team that specializes in high quality customs clearance. With professional knowledge and enthusiastic attitude, to serve customers in the best way, S.K Logistics is proud to be the companion of every business. With a variety of consulting services at affordable costs, we want to bring optimal benefits to our customers.

Outstanding advantages of customs consulting services SK LOGISTICS

SK Logistics is an expert in the field of customs declaration and international forwarding, every day we handle millions of symptoms from customs. We use the majority of human resources are experts from the host country. Because they understand the customs regulations in that country.
In addition to international freight, SKLogistics’ customs clearance services will accompany and support your shipments to be safe and fast.
Especially, with the full customs service, you will not have to worry about anything. All procedural matters will be done by the company

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Customs consulting at logistics department
SK logistics’s customs advisory services include:
  • Policy on Customs Procedures and Dossier for import and export goods
  • Product management policy according to specialized departments such as: Ministry of Health, Ministry of Industry and Trade, Ministry of Construction, Department of Quarantine …
  • HS codes for import and export of goods
  • Consulting appropriate import – export type
  • Compulsory standards and terms for international sales contracts required by customs.
  • Differences between the Facility Conditions of Delivery.
  • Determination of taxable value.
  • Tax calculation and distribution of freight, other charges to the value of each item.
  • Choose multimodal transportation to optimize time and cost.
  • Method of buying cargo insurance.
  • Tax refund and tax refund procedures and records.
  • Tax exemption
  • Tax exemption consideration dossiers and procedures.
  • Imported goods in service of national defense and security.
  • Import and export goods are subject to CO application for tax exemption or reduction.
SK Logistics is committed to fast and effective procedures. To ensure fast and efficient clearance of the shipments. We continue to support customers until all procedures are completed.
International freight is an important link to the success of a whole supply chain. SK Logistics as a provider of logistics solutions, customs consulting. For advice and assistance with customs advisory services, please contact us directly.